On site Detection System (Kits)


Featured Components of the Product
● Extraction
● Detection
Product Highlights

This testing kit is designed for the preliminary screening of nitrofuran residues, significantly reducing time and costs compared to standard analysis methods like LC-MS//MS. It interfaces with the UNISC app, available on Android mobile phones, allowing precise identification of substance quantity. Key advantages of this kit include:

● Extraction completed in 4-5 hours without the need for scientific equipment.
● Rapid test results available in under 5 minutes.
● High specificity enabling detection of three nitrofuran residue types: AOZ, AMOZ, and AHD.
● High analytical sensitivity, detecting AOZ residues as low as 0.3 ppb, surpassing FDA limits and regulations in multiple countries.
● User-friendly design requiring no specialized expertise.

Storage Conditions

● Store at room temperature, excluding Solution6, which requires storage between 4-8 degrees Celsius.

UNISC SA detection kit (for streptococcus)

This product consists of two primary components:

● Sample Preparation Kit (Enrichment Kit): This kit increases bacterial quantity to sufficient levels for analysis. It employs the Immunochromatographic strip test (ICG strip test) method, incubating fish samples in liquid food at specific temperature and duration. This step enables the examination of even minute amounts of contaminated fish samples infected with S. agalactiae.
● ICG Strip Test: A simple test strip with two monoclonal antibodies specific to S. agalactiae. It distinguishes between S. agalactiae serotype Ia and S. agalactiae serotype III.

Product Highlights

The SA Detection Kit for streptococcosis is an onsite Dual ICG strip test capable of detecting S. agalactiae serotypes Ia and III. It’s invaluable for farm management, particularly in infectious disease preparation and control. Key advantages of this kit include:

● High specificity, accurately identifying S. agalactiae serotypes (Ia or III).
● High analytical sensitivity, detecting as few as 100 CFU.mL-1 of bacteria.
● Exceptional accuracy, with 83.3% sensitivity and 100% specificity.
● Results align 96% with the standard methods used by Thailand’s Department of Fisheries (กส. 10453-2010).
● Capable of detecting both live fish (from blood) and deceased fish (from kidney samples).
● User-friendly, requiring no specialized expertise, enabling farmers to conduct self-checks without additional tools directly on the farm.

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to one year