Facilitate and enhance the progression of the aquaculture industry, specifically within the realm of the sale and export of aquatic products. Employ advanced microbiological methodologies for the identification and classification of pathogens, concurrently engaging in the development of vaccines and associated products. Our focal point revolves around achieving comprehensive coverage, ensuring a meticulous and efficient outreach to all user groups involved in the aquaculture sector.


Leveraging advanced molecular biology technology in conjunction with the expertise and proficiency of veterinary professionals, we aim to strategically address critical challenges inherent in the aquaculture business.

Core Value


Microbiological technology and techniques in molecular biology aid in the segregation, categorization, and precise identification of different strains of microorganisms.


The vaccine design employs an innovative method that merges immune-stimulating components from different pathogens to synthesize new proteins, potentially effectively preventing many diseases in the future.


Manufacture beneficial microorganisms that help control shrimp diseases as a substitute for antibiotics. These can be produced in small amounts (3-5 liters), suitable for application in small farms.


Provide standard, highly accurate kits for infection testing and residue detection, providing rapid and cost-effective results.

Establishment of S C healthtech Co., Ltd.

Launching of autogenous vaccine Product name: VAXSTREP-KU1; VAXSTREP-KU2


Launching of the service for bacterial isolation and identification Launching E-commerce store

Launching of UNISC SA Detection Kit Launching of UNISC Nitrofurans Detection Kit Launching of the platform service for vaccine development

Launching of ORAVAX-STREP Establishing partnership with the private company



Our collaborative consortium comprises not only distinguished researchers specializing in the rarefied domain of advanced molecular biology techniques—uncommon in Thailand—but also expert consultants in veterinary science. This ensemble strategically determines the precise type and dosage of medicines, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and fostering sustainable progress.