Probiotic for preventing Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) or Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) in vannamei shrimp are crucial. These diseases inflict significant damage on shrimp farmers, often resulting in mortality rates as high as 90% within just 30 days.

This probiotic product has undergone testing and demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in mitigating these diseases in shrimp. Its key benefits include:

● Over 90% increase in survival rates compared to ponds where probiotic is not utilized.

● Reduced frequency of water changes for waste management in ponds, leading to cost savings.

● Enhanced growth rates in shrimp, resulting in higher productivity.

Usage instructions :

●  For hatchery shrimp, introduce probiotic directly into the water.
●  In pond environments, add probiotic to the water every 3 days.